Since I can remember, music has always shaped the way I live. I danced to the Go-Gos at age 3 and Aretha Franklin at age 6. My memories of my parents always have music in the background - Whiskey River by Willie Nelson reminds me of our living room growing up in Oklahoma. I've met some of my favorite people through the music I love. Fast-forward to age 23 and I am still hung up on the way music makes me feel. I live in Charleston with one of my best friends who works at the Charleston Music Hall, where I frequently spend my time. I will gladly devote my free time to bands I've never seen before. Sound defines my world. The music I love has effected all parts of my life - especially my aesthetic tastes. I like how dressing up changes my persona. I like changing my clothes just as much as I like switching records, so I often aim to find affordable, fun finds. This is a place I show an eclectic mix if fashion, decor, and music. This is a place to live loud.