Since I can remember, music has always shaped the way I live. I danced to the Go-Gos at age 3 and Aretha Franklin at age 6. My memories of my parents always have music in the background – Whiskey River by Willie Nelson reminds me of our living room growing up in Oklahoma. I’ve met some of my favorite people through the music I love.

Fast-forward to age 23 and I am still hung up on the way music makes me feel. I live in Charleston with one of my best friends who works at the Charleston Music Hall, where I frequently spend my time. I will gladly devote my free time to bands I’ve never seen before. Sound defines my world.

The music I love has effected all parts of my life – especially my aesthetic tastes. I like how dressing up changes my persona. I like changing my clothes just as much as I like switching records, so I often aim to find affordable, fun finds. This is a place I show an eclectic mix if fashion, decor, and music. This is a place to live loud.


Though I love it, I don’t blogĀ full-time. My day job is Branding & Communications for Brackish, a bad-ass company that creates handcrafted feather bow ties out of Charleston. In my free time I work on the blog and photograph portraits and weddings for my side-hustle, Cadyn Scott Photograph Co.

I’m originally from Oklahoma City, though I went to college at College of Charleston and I live there now. My Oklahoma roots influence a lot of my style, even though it doesn’t always seem like it. I don’t like much modern country music, but old classic country resonates with me almost as much as soul music (my fave).

I’m very close to my family and I love spending time with them. I have two younger sisters, one 19 year old and one 13 year old. When we are all at home at the same time my dad cherishes setting the table with “five plates” – and I have to agree with him. They are my home.

Other people important in my life are my girlfriends (mostly from college). I am a strong believer in solid female friendships. Although some have moved away, we still visit each other frequently and chat regularly! I still live with one of them, Bonny. You will hear a lot about her on this blog.

Lastly (but not leastly) is my boyfriend, Steven, who shoots all of my photos. I’m teaching him to use my camera so he can one day shoot a galaxy shot, a dream of his. Meanwhile, I’m getting great content. Win-win.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to contact me! xoxo