I Went to Drybar and it was amazing

I’ve recently been listening to Sophia Amoruso’s old podcast from 2016, #Girlboss, where she interviews women who have made their own way to the top. I’m also reading her book by the same name – when I like something I tend to go “all-in.”

The latest episode I listened to featured Alli Webb, the creator of Drybar – the all blow outs, no hair cuts or color studio. I never really thought much about going here before, but listening to the podcast happened to coincide with a free appointment I just signed up for. My friend Rachel (who does my hair) just got a job there and is currently in training, so she’s offering free sessions.

In the podcast, Alli spoke of how she started a fun side business to get out of the house and not be surrounded by kids 24/7. It quickly turned into something greater, and now they have fully expanded. I won’t go into the full story, but if you’re interested, you can listen to it here.

After hearing about Alli’s endeavors and listening to her describe the experience, I was pretty pumped about my first time there.

Rachel is still in training, so we had another stylist there with us while she got me looking pretty.


The first thing we did was a consultation where I picked out what style I wanted. They have 7 (or so) signature blowout styles you can choose from – you can also get up-dos or add a braid. I went with the Cosmo, a bouncy, voluminous curly look. I have pretty flat hair so any time I can have someone else give me volume I go for it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.47.36 AM

Everything there is yellow, if you haven’t noticed. And it’s awesome. 

After I picked the style, Rachel took me back to get my hair washed. The smell of the whole place was amazing and luxurious – the hair products never fell short of that, either.


After the wash we settled in for Rachel to begin her work, and I got to sip on a mimosa and watch Now and Then via closed captioning. It was pretty perfect.

Rachel began to work her magic, sectioning out my hair to methodically dry each piece with her yellow hairdryer.


The picture really doesn’t do it justice, but the whole day my hair was so bouncy and fluffy. It’s crazy how someone else doing your hair correctly instead of letting it air dry flat on your face makes you feel. Automatic pep in your step.

They gave me the CUTEST complimentary bag for coming in. I liked the products and the smells (really the smells were everything) so much that I decided to get a mini bottle of their dry shampoo and hairspray to take home. Maybe I’ll try to put a little more effort into actually fixing my hair…




I would definitely recommend trying it out for an event or a fun outing. While I was there, there was an party of 8 or so women upstairs enjoying champagne and being primped… not a bad idea, ladies.

A BIG shout out to Rachel for making me feel good! Go see her at the Charleston location once she’s all trained up.

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