Monochrome Glam // Celebrating Marley’s Birthday

Having sisters is difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t. You are very different, yet very much the same. I’ve always loved the Toni Morrison quote, “a sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double.”

I always think about that when Marley talks about enjoying simple nights at home as opposed to parties – or the suburbs over the city. I always think, HOW did we come from the same parents?

And then we make the same joke or laugh at the same weird things – and I remember that at our core, our souls are very much the same. Our roots grew from the same soil, but we blossomed into our own individual blooms, as we should.

Marley never lets a room be boring, even when she isn’t trying. She is witty, goofy, and intelligent. She has always been thoughtful – she shows love through gifts and acts of service. I really appreciate her for that.

This past weekend I drove up from Charleston and stopped into Columbia so we could make the trek to Greenville together. She is in college at the University of South Carolina there (Go Gamecocks).

We were celebrating her 20th birthday – we chose to do it with a weekend of site seeing, shopping, and as always, eating. Saturday morning began at 5am with a surprise trip to Pretty Place, South Carolina, a gorgeous lookout over Paris Mountain. We watched the sunrise then headed to breakfast to fuel up for a day of marathon shopping.

The day ended on a high note with at Rick Erwin’s, an unbelievably good restaurant with endless good food. We like to celebrate with a food coma.

I wore this monochrome silvery-grey outfit to dinner, channelling my Great Great Aunt, Auntie B. (So I’m told – sadly, I was unable to get to know her before she passed. But apparently we are kindred spirits when it comes to outfits and embellishments.)

The Look: Sparkly Tunic - Nordstrom Rack, Velour Tassel Pants - Who What Wear for Target, Statement Necklace - Stella + Dot, Small Necklace - Bauble Bar



Since it’s Mar’s birthday, I decided to pick a song from our childhood that reminds me of her. There were honestly SO many, but a big memory I have is from when I was in third grade and she was about 5.

My mom had a “Shining 70s” CD with all of the hits from the era that we really became attached to. We stole the CD and would listen to it while we were playing our hanging out. This is how we know all the words to “American Pie,” but unfortunately, no Karaoke DJs will allow a 9 minute song.

Also on the CD was “Brown Eyed Girl,” a song that will always remind me of my Marley Blue. Happy birthday, Mar!


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