DIY Patch Jacket // Ryan Adams Concert

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Wildflower + Co., a Brooklyn etsy shop with the CUTEST iron-on patches ever. I’ve always wanted a cool patch jacket, but I feel like most of them I find in-store have random patches that don’t really fit my style. (Since creating this jacket, I learned that Ilana from Broad City is wearing these on Season 4… “yaaaas queen.”)

I found these initial 6 patches and the ‘babe’ pin there. Once they arrived in this cute pink packaging, I realized I would have room for a lot more – which is good, because I’d like to build up my collection over time.


After these I arrived, I looked around on etsy a little more and found the two giant roses for the back, the peace sign, and the vintage Oklahoma patch (where I’m originally from).

ryan adams outfit-1-12

ryan adams outfit-1-5

The Oklahoma patch came from the 1980s still in the package! The whole HeyDayRoadtrip etsy store has tons of these state-specific patches, as well as some vintage national park and souvenir patches, like this blast from the past from Epcot.

When I opened the package to the vintage patch, it just smelled like the 80s. It was, how you say in 80s language? Pretty rad.

I thought these few patches would be a good start to my jacket! I purchased a pre-destroyed mid wash jacket from Forever 21 and researched a little on the best way to iron them on.

Some things I learned:

  1. Make sure you have either an ironing board or a few layers of towels while ironing. I needed a larger workspace so I used multiple towels on the floor.
  2. Set the iron on the hottest setting – cotton setting is perfect. I was worried about how hot this would get, but denim can withstand this really well, it’s not the same as a nice blouse. 
  3. Pre-heat the area. Keep the iron flat on the surface you will put the patch on for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Put the patch exactly where you want it then set the iron on top of it for 20-30 seconds. Don’t move the iron around as if you were trying to get wrinkles out! Let it be.
  5. If it doesn’t fully stick, repeat! 

To break out my new jacket for the first time I decided to wear it to the Ryan Adams concert. He is, quite officially, the king of patch jackets.

I paired the look with a Rolling Stones t-shirt tank dress and some vintage cowboy boots I just picket up in Columbia, SC while visiting my sister. I finished off the look with my new sunnies by Quay.

ryan adams outfit-1-11ryan adams outfit-1-9ryan adams outfit-1-10

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
I went to the show with my dad, Steven and Bonny. We ate at Leon’s Oyster Shop before the show for some delicious sandwiches and a round of beers.

girlpwr-1-6 ryan adams outfit-1-6girlpwr-1-5

The show was b e a u t i f u l. Definitely a musical bucket list item – I’m so glad we went. I’m always excited to go to shows, but since Prince passed this year, I’ve made it my mission to never pass up an opportunity to see someone I love live – because now I won’t be seeing him until he’s playing on a purple cloud (I imagine it this way, at least).

ryan adams outfit-1-7 My dad was kind enough pick up a little something from the merch table for me. I’ve pretty much listened to this album non-stop since the show. I certainly liked his newest album before I saw it live, though I always found myself going back to Gold and Heartbreaker. Live performances always tend to change my mind.

This one is a new fave for me, though. Enjoy!

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