Welcome to my blog // the cape

Welcome to my blog, b-side chic!

I’ve thought about starting a fashion & lifestyle blog for a while, but I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to go about it.  A few weeks ago I was on a work trip to New York and I got snowed in at my hotel the day I was supposed to depart.  Stir crazy, filled with coffee and having viewed far too much HGTV, I decided to make it happen.

Thus, begins b-side – a place for fashion, food, fun, and music.  The name is a reference to the b-side of a record, which often gets forgotten about.  I find a lot of beauty in discovering funky finds that others may not go for, especially when I get a good deal. B-side is all about being yourself, wearing what you love, and living loud.

My first look is a simple, yet fun, dressy look. I found this cape at Forever 21 while shopping with my sisters over Christmas break. I originally picked it up because I thought it was a blazer, but to my surprise, it was a little funkier. It has shoulder pads, so it has me feeling all kinds of 80’s power suit.

lilachouse-1-4I paired the monochromatic look with a multi-toned red lip (my fave).  I mixed ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Avenue and More Better.

lilachouse-1-2lilachouse-1-21I keep finding excuses to wear these shoes.  I found these Pipe Dream heels at ASOS, one of my favorite online shops.

lilachouse-1-28lilachouse-1-27The thin gold necklace I paired with the look is actually Bonny’s (perks of a great roommate), but she got it at Nordstrom Rack for less than 10 dollars.


The pants I picked up from H&M, they’re both appropriate for work and super comfortable, which is always a win.  The top is from Forever 21 as well, and I think it was about $12.


I hope you enjoyed the look!  For every post, I’ll have a song/playlist to accompany it. So now, enjoy some Erykah Badu. I chose her because I’ve been non-stop listening to this album for months and she’s a powerful lady. What ELSE do you listen to while wearing a cape. *cape flip*

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